Proofcam RAC 03 Super HD Car Video Recording Rear View Mirror Dash Cam with 8GB Micro SD Price: £133.95 (as of 04/08/2021 02:56 PST- Details)

One of, if not the most discreet dash cams currently on the market, the RAC 03 simply looks like a rear view mirror.

It records at Super HD quality 2304 x 1296 at 30fps with the latest H.264 technology. While the video display screen incorporated in the mirror, turns off after a short time so that the driver’s view is not interrupted – in the background the camera is recording everything on the road ahead.

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The RAC 03 is a forward facing dash cam which has built-in GPS tracking, a ‘world first’ for a rear view mirror camera, and a state of the art technology Ambarella AL750 chip.
Suitable for any vehicle, the RAC 03 is loaded with driver-friendly features which include Lifetime Safety Camera and Speed Alerts, a Forward Collision and Lane Diversion Warning System and video recording capability in Super HD 1296p.

How does the RAC 03 work?

The RAC 03 records video onto a micro SD card, which is fitted into a slot on the camera.
The amount of video stored depends on the size of SD card being used – the RAC 03 can support SD cards with a capacity up to 64GB.
As a guide, when recording in amazing Super HD, 5 minutes of video uses about 1GB of space on the SD card.
The RAC 03 records in segments, the length of which is pre-set to 3 minutes, but can be adjusted using the simple menu functions of
the camera.
When the SD card is full, the RAC 03 which operates on a loop recording system, overwrites the oldest recording and continues to
record without the need to erase or download any data.

Inside the Box

1 x RAC 03 camera
1 x Power cable
1 x Mini USB cable
1 x Suction cup
1 x 8GB Micro SD card
Power and USB lead in one
User manual
Hard wiring fitting card

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